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A New Earth Approach to Co-generation

What you'll get from this course...

As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from taking this course:

  • Organizational training -Learn all there is about decentralized organizations and how to operate within them, especially AZPO's (Autonomous Zero Point Organizations) and N.E.O.S. (New Earth Operating System).
  • Find your team and build a sustainable plan -After the training we can build master plans and collaborate as new earth builders and the projects formed are eligible to be a part of your chosen AZPO -Get your badge. The badge you get when completing this course certifies you to be a part of building the systems from here on out.
  • You're a Part of Something Bigger, by joining New Earth Operating System Training, you will graduate into level 2 where you will get to know other co-creators and get all the information and tools you need for the N.E.O.S. system. You will be able to: -Create and evaluate Master Plans -Access new economies.
  • Access areas for project funding (*for Eco-System projects only) Definition of Eco-System HERE -Help finish the build out of the New Paradigm which is almost built and ready to mobilize.
  • Launch a project connected to other projects and communities through communication channels, agreement fields, shared resources, matching, and even a shared economy built in to every organization that aligns.. giving us a true living system!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • What you'll get from New Earth Operating System

    • Definition of Terms

  • 2


    • Building a Culture of Trust

    • What is a Solutionary?

    • Your Journey

  • 3

    Agreement Fields

    • Agreement Fields

    • PlanMatch

  • 4

    Master Planning

    • Vision and Mission

    • Values and Principles

    • Building your agreements

    • Master Planning

    • Creating your structure

    • Your Economy and Fund Distribution

    • Your legal structure

    • Roles, Onboarding and Off-boarding

  • 5

    Sense making, Decisions, and Proposals

    • Proposals

    • Solutionary Sense Making review

    • Culture Code

  • 6

    Whole Systems

    • What is a Whole Living System

    • Whole Systems Thinking

  • 7

    Roles and Team Building

    • CircleMatch and Self-Locating

    • Solutionary Consortiums

    • Badge systems

    • The "Pool" and your next steps

    • Welcome to the New Paradigm


New Earth Educator

Josh Pasmore

Josh Pasmore lives in Bali. Bilingual Spanish with multicultural experience, 22 years experience in business development, funding, management, and investments. Companies Founded: Green Earth Vision, Green Earth City, Coravida, Dharma Code, Tribematch, Project Synergy and Pasmore Investments. Currently building a Headquarters for a futuristic sustainable city. Josh has added new members to form his most comprehensive team ever. The new team is busy building and funding cooperative and humanitarian support systems; self sustaining communities, subsidized businesses, real-estate, clean energy, festivals, retreats, events, Business funding, profit sharing and more.